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Pay Less On Your Monthly Electrical Utility Bill In New Hampshire

Pay Less On Your Monthly Electrical Utility Bill In New Hampshire
Pay Less On Your Monthly Electrical Utility Bill In New Hampshire

When you go to grab your mail, and see this month's electrical utility bill, what comes across your mind? Are you instantly anxious? Maybe even worried? Like most of us, I'm sure you're not jumping up and down with excitement knowing you are getting a good a deal on your electrical bill.

When it comes to navigating a better price for your monthly electrical utility bill, you will need to get creative in how you power your home. Though you will never truly get away from the overinflated costs that the utility company and local governments set. There are a number of things you can do to pay them less!


I. Don’t Pay The Utility Company Directly!

Utility companies do not readily advertise that you have other options to save on your monthly electric bill. Rather than just paying them directly, there are other providers in New Hampshire that are state approved to negotiate with Eversource. Sign up with one of these providers and you will save a lot more than just a couple dollars per month.

Look up New Hampshire state sponsored electric utility bill negotiators to save on monthly electrical bill:


II. Swap To LED Lighting?

If you have already swapped all the light bulbs in your house to LED than you have helped save yourself a couple hundred bucks a year. If you happen to be still trying to “use up” the rest of your old incandescent bulbs before you make the switch then do yourself a favor. Just throw them out already, and go get LED light bulbs. Old light bulbs cost you more per month to operate than even the most expensive LED light bulbs. Yes those old bulbs still work, but they are only costing you more money every month! 


III. Install Timers and Sensors

Installing light switch timers and sensors in certain rooms in your house will help you stop spending unnecessary money when lights and fans are accidentally left on. Simple push button timers can be installed on bathroom exhaust fans to help make sure they are used but not left on. You could also install motion sensor switches in your front entrance or laundry room to conveniently turn on as you enter and automatically shut off once you leave. 


IV. Turn Down Your Water Heater

If the standard setting on your water heater is set to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, then you can drop the temperature setting to 130 degrees. This temperature is a sweet spot between having hot showers, clean dishes, and not wasting money. This is because 140 degrees Fahrenheit can really burn you and 120 degrees is not exactly hot enough to clean dishes. Turning down your electric hot water heater even a little can add up to a couple hundred dollars in savings every year.    


V. Use Your Ceiling Fans

Most ceiling fans have the ability to rotate in both directions. While on a low speed setting, in the summer you should have the ceiling fan spin counter-clockwise and in the winter the fan should spin clockwise. Doing this will help rotate the air around your house causing you to spend less to heat and cool your home.    


VI. Go Solar

Ditching the unpredictable high costs of your electrical bill every month is getting easier in the state of New Hampshire. When a pros and cons list is made to help decide if solar is a right choice, it becomes real simple to see that solar can save you thousands of dollars on your electricity bill. Here are some key questions to ask, and look out for when finding a reliable solar company for your home.

  • How Long Has The Solar Company Been Open?

    No pop-up companies! 10-15 years in operation minimum.

  • How “Low-Profile” Is The Solar Companies Installs?

    Exterior aesthetics are important, especially when installing equipment on the exterior. Also best to ask for the solar connection(s) to home be made in the attic instead of piping over the side of the house and you’d also prefer not having electrical pipe showing on the exterior of the roof.

  • What Inverter Product To Choose?

    Enphase Vs. SolarEdge. These are the two biggest players in the solar inverter world. There is a lot to this step, and both companies have a lot of helpful info to aid in your decision. Both solar inverters are quality, but have major differences between each other on how they are installed on your home. We're talking aesthetics, performance, and upgradability. Take the time to understand this step, and you will thank yourself later.

  • Reliable Home Solar System Monitoring And Service Department!

    Something is going to go wrong on the system at some point. The manufacturer warranties are reliable for many years and you need someone to be able to help you to navigate monitoring, repairs, and replacement.      

  • Ask Us For Help.

    It's tough to make a decision on which solar company to go with. TradeWork can help you find a reliable local solar installer, and finally answer sum of those unsettling solar questions.

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