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Know Your Home

What Size Electrical Utility Service Does Your Home Have?

Amperage size for your home electrical utility service will be located in your electrical panel. The main breaker at the top or bottom of your electrical panel will have the amperage rating on it.
You can usually have up to two electrical panels worth of circuit breaker space in your home.

Common Reasons To Replace/Upgrade Home Electrical Service

In New Hampshire, a homeowner is responsible for all the electrical service equipment attached to your house. Other than the utility meter itself, and the service wiring coming directly from the street. It is up to you to keep up with your homes electrical safety.

Ran Out Of Space For More Circuit Breakers
Damage To Electrical Panel
Circuit Breakers Are Over 30 Years Old
Home Needs More Electrical Power!

Know Your Home

Not All Electrical Utility Services Are Installed Equally

Electricians have been known to skip the aesthetically pleasing part of installing electrical equipment on your home. Before you do business with an electrician. Make sure their plan to install keeps you and your home in mind, rather than just trying to maximize their own profits.

Exterior home electrical utility service equipment-2
Outdoor home electrical utility service panel
home electrical utility service panel-2
home electrical whole home surge protection
Electrical arc fault circuit breakers
Exterior home electrical utility service equipment

Home Electrical Renovations Often Require

Home Safety Upgrade

Electrical Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers come with a few different features depending on what they are supplying power to.

Old Standard
Standard Electrical 15 amp Circuit Breaker, square d
New Standard
Standard Electrical 15 amp afci Circuit Breaker, square d

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In New Hampshire, we are nestled in the heart of Nashua. We're more than just a home electrical business, we're your neighbors. Your trust keeps our lights on; let us help keep yours shining bright.

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Checkout the benefits of working with TradeWork Home Services compared to other home electrical service companies.

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"Stop searching and give TradeWork Home Services a call. Matt is a true professional and does great work. He offers competitive pricing and is very responsive. I will be calling TradeWork for all my future electrical needs."
Ross H. | Google
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"Matt from TradeWork Home Services provided professional and efficient electrical services to my home. He offered great communication before, during and after the jobs, while keeping his prices competitive. His estimates were consistent with the charges when the jobs were done - no surprises from this electrical contractor!"
Jeff D. | Google
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"Matt from TradeWork installed a sub panel in our shed as well as an underground cable to the shed. Matt went out of his way to explain what was necessary, what was optional, and provided a cost breakdown of every piece of the job. Matts work was also exceptional and timely. We plan to do future business with Matt and would recommend him to friends and family."
Ryan M. | Google
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"I have Matthew worked on the electricity upgrade and repair for a rental property in Nashua. Generally he works very good. Responded quickly to my enquiry and soon give me estimate, started work on scheduled time, and completed work on expected time. Even though there are some extra work not planned, he worked overtime to catch up schedule and passed the inspection on time. His knowledge is wide and deep, answered all my questions. Most importantly, he made some suggestions existed in my mind for a while and get the job done. The quality I think is excellent, at least from my observing until now."
Mike C. | Google
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"This was my second time hiring Matt from TradeWork (MRG) for electrical work on my home. This time, he installed ceiling lights and a ceiling fan which turned out fantastic. Matt was very good at providing detailed information on different lighting products and determining the type and arrangement of the lights."
Bill W. | Google
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How Much To Install An Electrical Utility Service, Circuit Breaker, or Electrical Panel In My Home?

Replacing or adding a new electrical panel? Or maybe you're looking to upgrade your existing home electrical utility service to 200amps. Check out our ballpark pricing guides to help you plan your budget. 

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Checkout the benefits of working with TradeWork Home Services compared to other home electrical service companies.

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