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How Much To Install An Electric Vehicle Charger (EV) On My Home?

There are a few options when it comes to choosing a EV charger for your house. Some electrical safety requirements are needed depending on where it will be located at the house. Here are the most common options you have for installing a EV charger hookup for a home.


Starting Point

Questions When Choosing An EV Charger For Your House

  • Choose how fast of an EV charger you want to install on your house?

  • Choose which EV charger unit you would like to buy.

  • What size electrical service do you have on your house?

  • What local electrician do I want to use to install EV charger?

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Cost Of Installing An Electric Vehicle Charger (EV) On Your Home

With answering all the info listed above we can now answer the elusive question of "how much for electrician to install an EV charger on your home."

Typical Costs Associated with Installing a New Home Hookup for a EV Charger, Depending On Your Needs:
  • Cost Of Installing Electric Vehicle Charger Unit: $145 to $385

  • EV Electrical Plug Outlet: $145 to $235

  • Cost Of Installing Electrical Wiring For EV Charger Hookup | 5 Feet Or Less: $350 to $450

  • Cost Of Installing Electrical Wiring For EV Charger Hookup | 10 Feet To 25 Feet: $450 to $685

  • Cost Of Installing Electrical Wiring For EV Charger Hookup | 35 Feet To 50 Feet: $650 to $1000

  • Cost Of Installing Electrical Wiring For EV Charger Hookup | 75 Feet And Up: $1250 and up

  • Cost of Installing GFCI Circuit Breaker: $195 to $250

  • Cost of Installing A Whole Home Surge Protector: $395 to $550

  • Cost To Add Electrical Conduit Per 10 Feet To Install Location: $180 to $350

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Checkout the benefits of working with TradeWork Home Services compared to other home electrical service companies.

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What To Expect

Pricing Questions For Installing An EV Charger On Your Home:

Whenever a customer asks us to install a EV charger on their home we ask pretty much the same questions every time.

Here are the questions TradeWork would ask during a typical phone conversation or home visit.


Once we have the answers to these questions we can usually give you a ballpark estimate for installing an EV charger on your house right over the phone. 

When we arrive at your home we can confirm the estimate, answer any other questions you have, and get to work.

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