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How Much To Install A GFCI Electrical Outlet In My Home?

There are a few options when it comes to choosing an electrical outlet to install in your house. Some electrical safety requirements are needed depending on where the electrical outlet is located in the house. Here are the two most common options you have for installing home electrical outlets around your home.


Starting Point

Which Style Electrical Outlet Do You Want?


Tamperproof Three Prong Electrical Outlet
  • This is the most common electrical outlet that is installed in a home. Tamperproof means that something can't just be shoved into an electrical outlet unless it is an electrical plug. It is best to install them in areas without water.

GFCI Electrical Outlet
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) electrical outlets are required to be installed wherever water is present. They are designed to protect you against electrical shock, so they're kinda important. Install GFCI protection electrical outlets in your kitchen, bathrooms, garage, basement, laundry, outdoor outlets, or any other electrical outlet that is close to water.     

Electrical equipment is installed to the requirements of your local town safety officials. As we make sure everything meets all safety requirements, we also make sure we install the best value products. Electrical products should obviously be safe, but also highly functional, future proof, and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

HomeOwners' Choice Pricing

Whenever you work with TradeWork Home Services we try to always treat you fairly. We want homeowners to have access to quality work and great pricing on every home electrical project they have big or small. TradeWork Home Services does super savings the more home electrical projects you bundle together. Check out how we do business.

Home service appointments can be a juggle to manage. When you bulk up a few electrical projects together. You help make our schedule easier. Whenever you do that, we will always make sure to get the savings.

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Cost Of Installing A GFCI Electrical Outlet In Your Home

With answering all the info listed above we can now answer the elusive question of "how much for electrician to a install a GFCI electrical outlet in your home."

Most likely you will fall into some of these pricing categories.

Typical Costs Associated With Installing A New GFCI Electrical Outlet:
  • Cost Of Installing GFCI Electrical Outlet: $95 to $275

  • Cost of In-Use Cover for Outdoor Outlet: $50 to $100

  • Cost Of Installing 15-20amp Wiring To New Location | 5 Feet Or Less: $190 to $275

  • Cost of Installing 15-20amp Wiring To New Location | 15 Feet To 25 Feet: $300 to $450

  • Cost Of Installing 15-20amp Wiring To New Location | 35 Feet To 50 Feet: $425 to $650

  • Cost Of Installing 15-20amp Wiring To New Location | 75 Feet And Up: $685 and up

  • Cost Of Installing Standard Electrical Circuit Breakers: $100 to $135

  • Cost Of Installing 15-20amp AFCI/GFCI Electrical Circuit Breakers: $150 to $190

  • Cost To Add Electrical Conduit Per 10 Feet To Install Location: $180 to $400

  • Cost Of Ladder Work On Ceilings Over 12 Feet: $230 And Up 

Benefits With TradeWork

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Checkout the benefits of working with TradeWork Home Services compared to other home electrical service companies.

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What To Expect

Pricing Questions For Installing An GFCI Electrical Outlet In Your Home:

Whenever a customer asks us to install a GFCI electrical outlet in their home we ask pretty much the same questions every time.

Here are the questions TradeWork would ask during a typical phone conversation or home visit.


Once we have the answers to these questions we can usually give you a ballpark estimate for installing an GFCi electrical outlet right over the phone. 

When we arrive at your home we can confirm the estimate, answer any other questions you have, and get to work.

Homeowner Safety Update:

2023 Electrical Safety Code requires Arc Fault Protection (AFCI) to be installed on all general use electrical outlets and lighting throughout a home.

When Will I Need To Install AFCI Protection In my Home?

The following home electrical projects will be required to be upgraded to AFCI protection:

  • Whenever adding electrical wiring that is 6 feet or longer to an existing home electrical circuit.

  • Pretty much whenever you install a new electrical circuit to the living spaces of your home.

  • During any home electrical renovations, remodels, or new home builds.

  • Some cities & towns require you to upgrade to AFCI protection whenever you replace an electrical outlet, light switch, or when you upgrade your electrical panel.

Have More Questions About Arc Fault Protection For Your Home?

Head over to What Is Home Arc Fault Protection? to find out more details on why arc fault protection has become the new standard in home electrical safety.


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